Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association(JSMEA, a nonprofit body) is organized by those enterprises engaged in manufactures, repairs and sales of marine propulsion engines and various auxiliary ship machinery such as pumps, air compressors, oil purifiers, heat exchangers, cargo and mooring winches, anchor windlasses, deck cranes, steering gears, navigational aids, fittings and accessories, and presently incorporates a total of 250 regular corporate members and 74 organizations of supporting members. (As of October, 2021)

Line of Products

  • Engines
  • Auxiliaries
    • Boilers
    • Electric equipment
    • Pumps
    • Pnenmatic machines
    • Oil treatment equipment and Hydraulic
    • Heat exchangers
    • Steering gears
  • Deck machinery
  • Shafting & Propellers
  • Nautical equipment
  • Outfits
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Ship's stores


The scope of the activities of the Association includes, but is not limited to, the following items.

1. Research related to business administration and technology in the ship machinery industry

  • Research concerning the rationalization of production, adaptation to new technologies, improvement of the working environment, assurance of fair business practices, and the restructuring of the industry
  • Sponsorship of short courses on the handling of ship machinery and pollution prevention
  • Promotion of ship machinery standardization
  • Leasing of machinery and equipment for the modernization of production facilities
  • Gathering of information, research on the realities of ship machinery manufacturing, and compilation of statistics

2.Activities to promote the inter-nationalization of the ship machinery industry

  • Inquiry information services
  • Participation in international maritime exhibitions, and overseas public relations and publicity through Jsmea News and other publications
  • Promotion of international cooperation by sponsoring seminars on ship machinery technology abroad
  • Research on overseas markets and importation of machinery parts from abroad

3.Other activities

  • Liaison and coordination with other trade associations related to shipbuilding and ship machinery manufacturing
  • Petitions to the government to vitalize the industry